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why texas life?

We combine heart, skilled care, and innovation to better the LIFE of Texas.


Our care makes you feel right at home. We tailor our services to each city we operate in. This means our leaders and staff members live locally and are embedded into our communities. Our mission is to help people LIVE WELL and FINISH WELL, and put frankly, a life well lived starts before end-of-life. To this end, we invest in all ages of our community members.



Our care is extended to our patients’ inner circles, including family and friends. We understand the difficulty of hospice and the impacts it has on our patients’ loved ones. We focus on education and social, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, constantly creating new programs and assessing our practices. We are committed to family and friend care before and after their loved ones pass.



Mastery of skills is an innate desire of our team. As an organization and individually, we want to master hospice services to provide the best care possible. This means innovating every day, with each patient and service we provide. This sense of purpose is inspiring for us, and a purposeful life well-lived means contributing to a greater good. Hospice is our chosen way to make a difference in our world, our communities. 

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